Thursday, 24 September 2009

Huddersfield Salon: Shopping till we drop?

Shopping till we drop?

Is the British obsession with supermarkets killing pour towns?

Love them or loathe them supermarkets have become an integral part of our lives… but are we letting them kill off our towns?

Are you in the pro camp? You find them convenient and good value… you don’t understand what the fuss is about?

Or are you frightened that our towns will be consumed by too many supermarkets?

Come and join us in a lively debate!

Doors open at 18:00, debate starts at 18:30.

Suggested contribution: £2.50 (more if you can)

Refeshments will be available at the bar.

The next Huddersfield Salon will take place on 27th Oct and 24th Nov. Subjects will include immigration and death of family.