Thursday, 26 March 2009

Wind turbines: energy saviours or blots on the landscape?

The next Huddersfield Salon event will take place on the 28th April between 6 and 8.30pm, the debate itself starts at 6.30pm.

The subject of the debate is 'Wind turbines: energy saviours or blots on the landscape?'


Dr Julia Meaton - Head of Strategy & Marketing Centre at Huddersfield University Business School, Julia has a keen interest in ethical and environmental issues. Recent research is looking at Environmental Management and Corporate Social Responsibility, ranging from a study of environmental grassroots movements in the UK to an analysis of environmental management in Saudi Arabian businesses.

Jane Davis - Jane farms a smallholding in Spalding, South Lincolnshire with her husband Julian. Jane is a retired health professional and has been involved with mainly rural communities since 1980. Following the installation of wind-turbines near their home, to which they didn’t object, Jane has spoken at countless meetings across the country about the disastrous effect this has had on their lives. She and her husband gave evidence to the House of Lords Select Committee on the Economics of Renewable Energy.

Suggested contribution £2.50 (more if you can)
Pay at the door, refreshments are available at the bar.

Other dates for your diary:
19 May, 30June, 29 September, 27 October, 24 November
Subjects to be confirmed

Café Ollo, The Media Centre
Northumberland Street, Huddersfield HD1 1RL (2 mins from train station)

Call 01484 483010 for more information

some further reading/information:
The Age of Stupid - drama-documentary-animation hybrid which stars Oscar-nominated Pete Postlethwaite as an old man living in the devastated world of 2055, watching archive footage from 2008 and asking: why didn't we stop climate change when we had the chance?

The Danish island of Samso and how they are selling power from their windfarms back to the national grid - an interesting article from the Guardian, 21 September 08, about how a Danish island is benefiting from wind power, and the response of English people when they presented their ideas here.

Windmills of the Mind by Tim Black, in Spiked magazine, 01 April 09 - an article about why a minister’s pledge to make opposition to windfarms as unacceptable as refusing to wear a seatbelt is revealing.

A provocative review of The Age of Stupid by Brendan O'Neill, from Spiked magazine, 16 March 09